A Global Leader in the Federally Legal Cannabis Industry

Northern Swan is a multinational operator (“MNO”) in the federally legal cannabis industry with an emphasis on sustainable, low-cost, large-scale cultivation and processing as the cornerstone of building out distribution and brands. Northern Swan currently produces and processes in Colombia, has expansion capacity in Portugal underway, and distributes its products in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

We employ a hybrid strategy of investment expertise and operational excellence that has uniquely positioned us to capitalize on the explosive growth in the dynamic global cannabis industry.

Our team has successfully invested more than $3 billion of capital at leading investment institutions such as KKR and Blackstone and has educational distinctions from the top business and legal programs around the world.

Our emphasis on sustainable, low-cost, large-scale cultivation allows us to build out distribution channels and brands. We are shaping the supply chain for the cannabis industry of the future.

With $96 million in capital raised to date, Northern Swan helps the partners in its ecosystem grow rapidly and contribute value to the global community.